Xindahua Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in the "Porcelain Capital of  China" - Chaozhou, which is a private enterprise specializing in the production of high-grade sanitary ware accessories, supplemented by the production of plastic products.
The company has solid strengths, consisting of the market, research and development, quality, logistics, sale and other departments. It now has a total staff of more than 300 people, of whom more than 20 are senior engineers and technical development staff. Since the inception, they have been sticking to the objective to create a national brand, and offer high-grade products and quality service to customers. Adhering to such an objective, the company has established a sound quality management system, while being market-oriented and design-based, ensuring quality through management and repaying customers with services.
In 2006, our company was awarded "Non-governmental-run Science and Technology Enterprise of Guangzhou". All the products are uniquely designed by using the advanced 3D computer software. Continuous development and innovation is the source of the company's development.
Your support is the driving force for the development of our company. Let us join hands to create our common glory.



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